Nomad Foods Europe appoints Zenith as European media agency

Nomad Foods Europe has appointed Zenith, part of Publicis Media, to manage its European media communications business – both offline and online – replacing the incumbents Havas Media, Initiative, Virta and Mediacom.   Based in London, Nomad Foods Europe is Europe’s biggest frozen foods business, with number one positions in 10 markets. The company’s portfolio […]

3 is a magic number: 3D printing goes mainstream

3D printing will revolutionise consumer journeys over the next two years. It will become a faster, cost effective method of manufacturing for commercial and even home use, and provide consumers with new options to customise products based on their own data. Forbes expects the 3D printing market to quadruple by 2020, which means 2016 is […]

The mobile wallet: rise of a new marketing platform

The mobile wallet – technology enabling consumers to pay with their mobile phones – will emerge as a new marketing platform in 2016. As the first generation of digital natives comes of age, and more payment technologies and apps come on to the market, the mobile wallet is evolving into an integrated marketing platform offering […]

Humanising m-commerce: personal shopping goes mainstream

Consumers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with automated recommendation services, and are coming to expect personalisation with a human touch. ZenithOptimedia expects concierge-like services to spread beyond fashion and upscale retail to new categories in 2016, democratising the personal shopping experience. Smart recommendation and personalisation tools have helped fuel the rise of e-commerce by providing consumers […]

The message is the medium: brands use instant messaging to engage consumers

Continuing our series of summaries of the ZenithOptimedia’s 2016 Trends,  here’s number four. We believe instant messaging will become a key social platform in 2016, as young consumers seek to personalise their social interactions, presenting new marketing opportunities for brands. The likes of Facebook and Twitter are losing appeal among the young, who now focus on […]

Emojinal intelligence: brands speak the new mobile language

Here’s the summary of the third of our 2016 Trends: ‘Emojinal intelligence’. Emoji – digital images or icons that express ideas or emotions are becoming the language of the mobile phone. For the young in particular, emoji represent the language of now and opportunity. Emoji give them the chance to express their emotions creatively. Emoji […]

Go native: custom-fit content for mobile consumers

Welcome to the continuing coverage of our ZenithOptimedia’s 2016 Trends report, this time focusing on the second trend, native advertising. With the rise of adblocking and the growing ineffectiveness of banners on mobile, native advertising is becoming a vital tool for communicating with mobile audiences, particularly the young and other mobile-first consumers. Native ads match the […]


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